Treid delivers customized solutions that involve point-of-sale, on-demand trade marketing, loyalty, and BTL. With a presence in Chile and Peru, they operate in more than 7000 points of sale and coordinate the work of 1,000+ collaborators. 

Motivated by their commitment to execute proposals on time at each point of sale, Treid chose Frogmi® as their technology partner to digitize their in-store implementation processes. 

Treid saw exceptional value in the platform because they gained traceability of the work performed at each point of sale, which is used to generate KPIs, analytics, and advanced reporting. Treid now has a dashboard where it can visualize and validate the level of in-store execution and compliance in real-time. In addition, an image gallery is available to confirm the displays at each point of sale visually. 

On behalf of the entire company, we extend a warm welcome to Treid. We are convinced that our work together will lead to excellent results. 

“Generating added value for a customer is one of Treid’s main motivations and goals. Therefore, the continuous search for improvements in processes and technologies is part of our DNA. 

In this sense, we not only focus on our operational improvements but also on processes that aim to deliver information for decision-making.

Thus, we constantly need to work with the best partners.

In this search, we found that Frogmi was, and is, the most suitable supplier for our POS information gathering and reporting. Frogmi not only provides us with a powerful and dynamic platform, but also has a team that constantly supports us with the changes and improvements we find along the way. 

Thanks to our work together, we are significantly improving reporting times, improved KPI presentation, and minimized the manual work involved in working with data”.

Veronica Torres – Deputy Operations Manager LatAm

“Treid has presented us with an unusual use case, which has been an exciting challenge to tackle. The experience of Frogmi’s Customer Success team, the tool’s flexibility, and excellent teamwork with Treid have been fundamental to delivering a solution that supports their daily store management. We look forward to continuing growing and providing valuable solutions, being a strategic partner in their service”. 

Laura Gutierrez – Customer Success Manager at Frogmi