What is ShelfManager?

ShelfManager is a solution that helps retailers increase the availability and correct execution on the shelf. Through a microtask model unique in the market, store personnel can efficiently and effectively prioritize price changes, implement promotions, count inventory, verify compliance with planograms, and more.


Product Availability


Merchandising Implementation


Planogram Compliance


Associates Productivity

How does it work?

ShelfManager is a solution designed for integration. Microtasks are consolidated automatically from several inputs, and each store receives its microtasks according to its reality.

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Mobile app with advanced features

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Image Navigation

With thousands of products in a store, finding specific ones from a list on the shelf is time-consuming, especially for new employees. ShelfManager simplifies this process by allowing easy visualization of products with associated tasks, significantly improving associatesā€™ productivity.


Product Catalog

Store associates can browse through product categories and access detailed information on each product, from images to datasheets.


Planogram Information and Product Location in Store

Store associates can review the planograms for each product ensuring a correct implementation.


Business KPIs

Users can review aggregated or store product-level analytics with high-value information, such as stock on hand, stock in transit, replenishment date, and sales, among others.

Advanced in-store navigation

ShelfManager enables intelligent grouping of tasks according to the location of products in the store, optimizing daily work and enhancing employee productivity.

Mujer sosteniendo un tablet con la aplicaciĆ³n Frogmi
Mujer sosteniendo un tablet con la aplicaciĆ³n Frogmi

Take action from the shelf

ShelfManager consolidates in one place a series of actions associated with products in the store, streamlining high-value operational processes in a single click.

  • Report out of stock
  • Request replenishment from backroom
  • Request additional inventory for the store
  • Report expired product
  • Adjust inventory
  • Ask for trade marketing material
  • And more

Advanced analytics

Get real-time information about the status of your products in the store:

  • Product availability trends
  • View images of promotional implementations
  • Stock accuracy
  • Planogram accuracy rates
  • And many more

Mujer sosteniendo un tablet con la aplicaciĆ³n Frogmi

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